My First Performance

I’m sure everyone had some point in their childhood where they dreamed of being famous. Obviously I was one of them, because it’s still a dream of mine. And I will never forget the moment that I really felt that ambition kick in (too bad I was too lazy to use it properly until now…)

I was in either six or seventh grade. I had quite a few songs under my belt and I rocked out every night in my room.

One day I brought my guitar with me to school. At lunch time, I wanted to play a song for my friends at the table. In middle school, we had this crazy lady who watched over us in the cafeteria with a microphone. I knew I’d have to ask her for permission. I sent my friend up to ask her for me.

My friend came running back, “she said you can play a song up there!”


I just wanted to play a song for the five or six friends I sat with at lunch, not the whole, huge cafeteria! I don’t live in a town with the nicest people, especially kids. I feared they would tear me apart. I could already hear everyone talking while I played, and worst of all, the boos.

"Come on up here and play a song for us!" said the crazy lady. I sucked it up and went up there. A girl who was on the stage held the microphone up to my mouth as I played and I began to sing "Don’t Tell Me" by Avril Lavigne.

To my suprise, you could hear a pin drop. Everyone was listening to me. And when I was done, everyone stood up, clapped, and instead of “Boo!” I heard “Woooo!”

What a feeling that was.

Not to mention people asking me for their autographs. That was a crazy day. It was also the day where I knew I wanted to be a musician.

Let’s hope it works out.

Taking Chances

Do you know what it’s like to work a dead-end job? And get screwed over by bosses?
I’m sure you do!
And I do, too. I know it very, very well.

….And, it’s not what I’m meant to do.
A few weeks ago, troubled at my last job as a cashier, I began to remember some things I’ve heard from fans.
One boy in Brazil with a brain disease drew three beautiful pictures of me.
A man who was deployed to Kuwait/Iraq told me that my music made his time there better.
I have had countless people tell me that my playing and singing inspires them.
And then asked myself, what the hell am I doing here? And right then, I did something I should have done a long, long time ago.
I quit.
I am a full-time musician now. I have been playing around at open mics, and now a cover band is going to let me sing for them. I have some other plans for the near future and I hope and pray that it all pans out.
This is huge for me. I have never been one for taking chances. I have always let what others said make me second guess what my own heart tells me. But I am done with that. I am going to pursue my dreams now. It will probably take a while, but that’s okay. Because if you have faith in yourself, and stop being lazy, you can go pretty far. At least I hope that’s the case. I guess I’ll just have to wait and find out!
<3 Kirbie


Singing :)